Best Texts To Send A Girl You Like

best texts to send a girlMet a girl that you really like and ended up with her phone number?

You’re probably wondering what to the best text to send her is so that you don’t screw things up, but you’re not sure which approach to take…

If that’s the case, try swiping the following three texts that I’ve used over and over again to get a good response from a girl…

Best Texts To Send A Girl You Like


1. The Fun Vibes Text:

This is a good text to send out of the blue to get her thinking about you.

It works well because it is nothing but fun vibes and communicates that your reality is fun to be in (which will typically make her want to become a part of it).

Here’s the text:

“Just ate a chicken burger that changed my life… Be jealous.”

The best way to use this text is to send it in the middle of the day without sending any more texts after it (if she replies of not).

This will get her thinking about you and will give her a little positive emotional spike.

These type of texts work wonders when used in the right way… and make it so much easier to get her out with you.

2. The “Make Her Laugh” Text:

This is a good one off text to get her laughing and associating you with fun vibes like the text above

Send this at night to get a reply.

“Just in the penthouse listening to classical music, sipping aged scotch and smoking a cigar. Also wearing a monocle (it’s oddly comfortable)… thinking of you.”

This is a good first text to use at night, with a girl you are on good terms with and want to get her around to your house.

After she replies, it’ll be very easy to transition into a “come join me” text.

Plus the fact that you’ve spiked some good emotions in this text means that it’s going to be very likely that she’s going to respond.

3. The “Get A Response” Text:

I’ve said this many times before: The more a girl thinks about you when you’re not around. The more she will convince herself she likes you (if you want to learn more about how to get a girl thinking about you, this is your next step).

And this text is designed purely to get yourself glued to a girl’s mind for a few hours, if not days.

Here’s the text:

“You wouldn’t believe what I just saw… reminded me of you lol.”

This text is so powerful because she will NEED to know what it was that reminded you of her…

She’ll be wondering if it’s a bad thing and she should be worried…

Or if it was something good and she’s could be receiving a compliment.

Either way, her self-interest instincts will take over and get her thinking about you waiting for a reply.

Now, the secret sauce to using this text correctly is to NOT reply to her response to this text.


No matter what she sends, just leave her message unanswered.

Give it a try, you’ll be astonished at how well this works… it’s actually kinda evil lol.

All the best,

Blake Twain


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