Best Texts To Text A Girl When She’s Not Texting Back (STEAL These Texts)

Today we have a question from a subscriber, Tom.

He asks:

best texts to text a girlBlake, I have trouble getting responses from girls a lot of the time, what are the best texts to text a girl when she’s not texting back?”

Good question Tom, this is something that almost every guy will have to deal with at some point.

So knowing how to deal with this and successfully “revive” a girl who is ignoring your texts is a very useful skill to have…

Here’s 3 texts you can “swipe and send” to a girl who isn’t texting you back that are virtually guaranteed to get a response…

Best Texts To Text A Girl When She’s Not Texting Back (STEAL these Texts).

Best Texts To Text A Girl #1 – The “Patten Interrupt”

Text Message:

“Quick! Red or black?!”

This one will catch her off guard, I’d recommend sending it in the middle of the day – out of the blue.

She’s used to getting messages from guys asking her “what’s up”…

or the blatant “I’m horny” message; “netflix and chill?”, so this will interrupt her pattern and will GRAB her attention.

For best results, don’t respond to her reply (this’ll drive her crazy).

Or respond with a simple “thanks” to her reply, without explanation.

Remember Texting Rule #1Be Unpredictable.

Best Texts To Text A Girl #2 – Illegitimate child?

“I just saw a psychic and she said I’m going to have an illegitimate child with a blonde girl called Sarah. And hey, I’m not one to fight fate…

(make sure you replace the name and hair color to match the specific girl your texting)

This is fun, different (pattern interrupt), ambiguous and subtly sexual all in one.

Girls will have a VERY hard time ignoring this one, assuming you haven’t messed things up with her before this point.

Best Texts To Text A Girl #3 – The “Super Important Question”:

“Super important question… Big dogs or small dogs?”

Again, this text will interrupt her pattern and grab her attention when it’s coming from out of the blue.

The best way to respond to her reply will be with a simple “thanks”…

OR tease her with whatever decision she makes…


“Uhh oh, looks like we’re not going to work out after all…”

How To Use These Texts:

Notice how ALL of these texts are designed to be a “pattern interrupt”, that’s because you’re main aim here is to get her ATTENTION (which is what you’re lacking if the girl isn’t texting you back), and create some curiosity as well as some flirty/fun vibes.

Often times the shorter these texts the better, especially if she’s been ignoring you up until now.

One more thing…

If she’s been ignoring you up until now, leave a gap of at least 48 hours between your last text and when you send this one.

You want to let things “settle” a bit before hitting her with one of these texts, otherwise you risk coming across as desperate and needy.

Go ahead and swipe and send these three messages, and post your results in the comment box below.

And if you want to see these texts in action, click here to see some of my real life examples.

All the best,

Blake Twain


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