The Perfect First Text To Send A Girl You Like (Comprehensive Checklist With EXAMPLES)

first text to send to a girl Are you struggling to come up with a good first text to send a girl you like?

I’m guessing you’ve just met a new girl you’re really into, and you’ve got her number… however, you’re probably sitting there wondering what to send her so that she replies and ends up wanting to spend more time with you.

You’re about to discover a comprehensive list of do’s and don’t’s when sending that first text to a girl you like so that you build more attraction, and effortlessly get her out on a date with you.

The Perfect First Text To Send A Girl You Like (Comprehensive Checklist)

1. Fun, Flirty Vibe

Your first text should elicit a good dose of positive emotions in the girl…

Namely some fun, flirty humor as well as a light-hearted, playful vibe.

This will allow the girl to see that you’re NOT another needy guy who just wants her approval and that she’s going to benefit from spending time with you and enjoying your reality.

Don’t be another guy to send her the boring “It was so nice to meet you last night”… she’s heard that a thousand times before and will hurt your chances massively.

If you can, call back to your initial meeting and any inside jokes the two of you had, as this will re-trigger those emotions she was feeling at the time with you.

If the meeting was brief and you don’t have anything to refer back to, simply try one of the examples texts at the end of this article.

2.  Use “Hooks” & Make It Easy For Her To Reply

The girl NEVER wants to be the “entertaining party” in a text conversation.

And she won’t stick around for long if it’s apparent that she has to put in effort to keep the conversation moving forwards… she has way too many options to put up with that.

When sending your first text, ALWAYS include some form of light-hearted humor or a flirty “hook” that she can play along with and respond to.

Don’t make the mistake of sending “unemotional” texts to a girl.

ALL of your texts should trigger some kind of emotion, as this emotion is what is going to capture her attention and make her WANT to reply to you.

3. Non-Needy

This doesn’t just apply to your first text, but all texts…

That is, your texts should be phrased in a non-needy way, that doesn’t convey that you’re desperately waiting for her to reply.

Girls like sharks sniffing blood in the water when it comes to detecting neediness from a guy… the only difference being this neediness drives them away instantly.

Make sure you’re no over-reaching to keep a conversation going with boring questions, instead focus on sending out playful vibes and letting her pick up on them and play along.

See the texts below for examples of non-needy texts.

Example First Texts To Send A Girl:

Good if she was wild and a bit of a trouble maker:

“Hey missy, when you get bailed out of jail… hit me up.”

Good if you spent a bit of time togetherL

“You know what, I’m a little worried. After last night we probably owe big debt to karma, no thanks to you haha… – Blake”

Good when you’re initial meeting was short:

“Things got pretty crazy last night after you left… some gay couple tried to seduce me in an overly physical way haha… Blake, the sophisticated guy from [venue]”

If you also gave HER your phone number during the initial meeting (which is highly recommended), don’t worry about signing off your name.

While you can swipe these texts and use them as is (obviously use YOUR name), I recommend taking them and injecting a bit of your own personality into them… make them sound like something that would come out of YOUR mouth.

Have some fun with ‘em.

All the best,

Blake Twain


While this checklist will take you a long way in sending a good first text to a girl you like…

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