Girl Not Texting Back? 4 Little-Known Mistakes You’re Probably Making…

girl not texting backAre you struggling with a girl that’s ignoring your texts?

It’s okay, even the best struggle with a girl not texting back at some point in their lives.

However, there are a few common mistakes that almost ALL guys make when texting a girl causing her to lose attraction and ignore their texts…

I’ve outlined 4 of the most common mistakes that most guys make that will kill attraction and leave their texts unanswered, ignore these at your own risk…

Mistake #1 – Being Predictable

Here’s a VERY important rule when it comes to attraction and dealing with women:

Predictable = BORING.

A girl will not feel biologically attracted to a guy she finds boring.

And if your texting style is predictable and easy to read, then the game is all but LOST.

See, when texting a girl they really like, most guys make the mistake of becoming extremely predictable.

They convey how much they want this girl and how she already has him in the palm of her hand.

Over-reaching to keep the conversation going.

Boring small talk.

Hitting all her texts back instantly.

Deep down, women DESPISE this – as it conveys a lack of masculinity.

Instead, become unpredictable when you text her.

Vary up your response times.

Keep her guessing.

Be borderline offensive and make her question if her opinion even matters to you at all.

This sounds counter-intuitive, but it works because us humans simply want what we can’t have/is difficult to get.

Become unpredictable, and she’ll spend her time trying to figure out how she can “win you” and get you under control.

All the while she’ll be convincing herself that she must really be into you, because she’ll be spending more and more time thinking about you.

Mistake #2 – Shitty Vibes

I hear about guys doing this all the time – bringing BORING, shitty vibes to the girl over text.

“Hey what are you up to? I’m bored. Work sucks.”

Sound familiar?

For some reason a lot of guys feel the need to convey just how boring their life and reality is… and it will push a girl away extremely fast.


Because if you’re not enjoying your reality, why the hell would she want to become a part of it?

This doesn’t mean you always have to be doing something awesome and impressive, it just means that you should be able to make whatever you’re doing seem fun and enjoyable.

Your reality is fun simply because it’s YOURS… not because of what’s happening in it.

See step three of this article for examples of how to inject fun into text.

Mistake #3 – Long Drawn Out Texts (Life Story)

This is another big mistake that guys make over text…

…sending long drawn out texts to the girl, telling her their life story.

The faulty assumption here is that it builds comfort and allows the girl to “get to know them as a person”.

Makes sense on paper… but it’s not the case.

Here’s why this approach sucks if your goal is to actually get the girl:

1. It’s BORING as hell. If she just met you she really doesn’t care about you and your life. All she cares about is what type of emotions she feels when talking to you.

2. It conveys neediness – if you’re willing to open up to a complete stranger so quickly, it shows that you don’t have very high standards and you must be lonely/desperate.

Now I’m not saying that you can NEVER show a girl the deeper side of yourself, but save it for when things are serious and past the stage of trying to build attraction.

Mistake #4 – Sending The Last Text In A Conversations (Being Ignored)

This is a mistake that a lot of guys make when they believe that having long, drawn out text conversations will help her to get the girl.

Eventually what happens is they run out of things to talk about and end up resorting to boring small talk (“So what are you up to now?”) and the girl gets sick of being bored and stops replying.

If a girl ignores you on purpose, it’s NOT a good sign.

And getting her back is always going to be an uphill battle.

Not impossible mind you, but a bit more difficult had you not goofed up in the first place.

Point is, DON’T give her the chance to ignore you, and be the one to IGNORE her.

You don’t have to text her ALL the time (don’t fall victim to becoming a “texting buddy”).

If you can see that a date isn’t on the cards, then simply send something fun and flirty, and leave her reply unanswered.

This will get her thinking about YOU, and will make her start to value your replies when you do respond.

This goes back to what we discussed in mistake #1 – you want to be seen as unpredictable.

Try to be the one to finish the conversation more than her.

It’s a small tweak, but it works wonders.

Is She Still Not Texting Back?

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All the best,

Blake Twain

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