How Do I Make A Girl Like Me? – The ONE Secret That 99% of Guys Don’t Know

There’s a girl you want but no matter what you do she just doesn’t seem interested… Discover the ONE SECRET you need to focus on to get the girl to want YOU that 99% of guys ignore completely.

how do i make a girl like meSo there’s a girl you’re interested in, and you just feel like no matter what you do she only sees you as a “friend”.

You try and try and try, but at the end of the day getting her to want you back just feel impossible.

You’re about to discover the ONLY thing that matters when it comes to making a girl like you that almost every guy ignores completely (and struggles endlessly because of it).

How Do I Make A Girl Like Me? – The ONE Secret That 99% of Guys Don’t Know

Let’s start by revealing where almost all guys go wrong when it comes to trying to get a girl they’re interested in…

You see, conventional wisdom tells us that in order to get any one girl, the guy has first has to prove to the woman that he’s good enough for her.

This is the belief that is played out in the movies, TV shows, what your mother/other girls will tell you etc.

And as such most guys spend most of their LIVES trying to become “good enough” for the women he wants.

Endlessly trying to PROVE to her that he’s good enough.

He busts his ass in the gym getting ripped as hell…

…or he spends years of his life becoming a doctor or a lawyer (girls like doctors and lawyers, right?)…

…he spends his cash on expensive cars, cloths and watches to try to convey that he’s “worthy”.

Let me tell you something, while some guys may find some success using this approach, for the most part this approach is FLAWED and doesn’t work.


Because deep down, women only care about and RESPOND to ONE THING:

And it’s the ONLY thing you need to be worried about:

What is it?


If you want to “make” a girl like you, the ONLY thing you need to be concerned with is building sexual and romantic attraction.

Fuck trying to impress her.

Fuck trying to prove to her you’re good enough (in most cases, this’ll makes you seem desperate and needy – which are INSTANT attraction killers).

You see, attraction is established primarily by the behaviors you demonstrate.

And NOT by how you look, how rich/successful you appear to be etc (which is why the above approach is fundamentally FLAWED).

Think about it…

This is why the broke bartender is able to take the lawyers cheating girlfriend home, because he has built enough attraction.

It’s NOT because she’s so impressed by what the bartender has done with his life.

Don’t get me wrong, getting in great shape and achieving success don’t hurt.

For sure, it’s better to have a solid life than to not.

But if that girl doesn’t feel any kind of attraction for you, then all the looks and money in the world aren’t worth shit (unless you’re happy paying for sex)…


Figure out attraction FIRST and get your dating life handled (click here).

Then go and get as ripped and make as much money as you want… but do those things for YOURSELF, not to impress a women.

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