How Do You Know If A Girl Likes You? – The #1 Undeniable Indicator She’s Into You

Met a new girl and not sure if she’s into you? Discover the #1 most reliable sign that a girl ACTUALLY likes you.

how do you know if a girl likes youSo you’ve just met this new girl and you’re starting to develop feelings towards her, however you’re not sure if she feels the same way about you. Learn the #1 most reliable way to tell if a girl actually likes you, and what to do when you’re NOT getting this signal to trigger attraction and get her chasing you.

So how do you know if a girl likes you?  

The #1 Undeniable Indicator She’s Into You:

She’s Investing Time & Energy in YOU

This is the biggest, strongest indicator that a girl is into you, and it’s also one of the most obvious ones.

This simply means that when you text her, she hits you back as soon as she can…

Or better yet she’s the one to text YOU first.

She’s the one who wants to meet up with YOU.

She is asking YOU questions and moving the conversation forward.

There are countless different ways this manifests, even her playing you hot and cold is a sign her investing her time and energy in you (if she weren’t into you, she wouldn’t be wasting energy playing games to get you would she?).

But the fact that she is investing time and energy in you is the #1 most honest indicator she’s into you.


Now this sounds pretty obvious right?

Well yeah, it IS pretty obvious.

However for a lot of guys don’t get this investment from the girl (i.e. she’s not into him), and they go looking for other more subtle indicators of interest that she’s into him because they so DESPERATELY want her to feel the same way.

For example, some guys will say that if a girl touches her hair around you, it means that she’s trying to impress you and it means she likes you…

Or if she’s looking at your lips during conversation it means she wants to kiss you…

While yes, in some cases this may be an indication that she is into you, but other times all it means is she’s simply fixing her hair or looking at your lips and the guy is overthinking the situation (again, because he really WISHES she were into him)..

Typically it’s pretty obvious if a girl is really interested in you or not, and for most guys the problem isn’t that they can’t see it, its that they DON’T WANT TO ADMIT IT TO THEMSELVES WHEN SHE’S NOT INTERESTED.

If she’s into you, you’ll know it. Don’t over think it.


So what do you do when she ISN’T into you?

Well the first thing is to admit it to yourself that she’s NOT into you at this point in time and that’s okay (because it does NOT have to stay this way).

From there you need to decide that you’re going to do what it takes to actually get her to want you, otherwise you’re just going to end up stuck in the friend zone .

If you can’t get a girl you like to invest in you right now you’re problem is that you simply DON’T KNOW how to trigger attraction with women in general… and you’re always going to come off second best to the guys that DO know how to do this.

But when you take the time to figure out how to do this, you’ll have this skill for LIFE. Meaning that you learn it once, and from then on you’ll be able to reliable and consistently trigger attraction in any girl you choose (seriously, stop and consider how life changing having such a skill would be).

The best way to do this? By using a strategy called “The Scrambler”.

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