How To Be Attractive To Women – 2 Simple Techniques To Quickly Escape The Friend Zone And Get Her Chasing YOU

Struggling to get a girl interested in you and instead find yourself get friend zoned time and time again? Discover two simple techniques to make yourself “friend zone proof” and get her chasing YOU.

how to be attractive to womenYou meet this new girl and you really want to get her attracted to you and pursue a relationship. But it seems like no matter what you do or say, she’s just not that interested in you… Here’s two simple things you can do to quickly evict yourself from the friend zone and get her obsessing over you.

How To Be Attractive To Women – 2 Simple Techniques To Quickly Escape The Friend Zone And Get Her Chasing YOU:

#1 – Challenge and Tease Her

This is the basis of effective flirting.

Girls are automatically drawn to a guy who knows how to push her buttons in a playful and fun way.

This communicates that you’re not looking for her approval, and baits her into SEEKING YOUR APPROVAL (this is the beginning of her becoming obsessed with you).

For example, let’s say you’re at the bar and she orders a really girl drink.

You playfully raise your eyebrows, look her up and down and say:

“Really, are you one of THOSE girls? We’d never work.”

This will catch her off guard and even though you’re only playing, she’ll feel a need to start qualifying herself to you.

#2 – Pass Her “Tests” By Remaining Unreactive

If a girl tries to call YOU out on something, she is testing you to see how easy she can get under your skin (read: she’s testing your STRENGTH as a man).

Most guys HATE it when girls do this, and will try to avoid these tests at all costs.

However they are one of your BIGGEST opportunities to instantly spark attraction and set the tone of the interaction from the start.

For example, lets say you walk up to a girl and she’s straight up tells you to “fuck off”.

What do you do?

Act butt-hurt and walk away like a broken dog, and passive-aggressively tell your friends how much of a bitch she is…


Playfully tell her she’s feisty and that’s you think she’s “so darn cute…”

Which one do you think will grab her attention more?

Which one tells her “I’m in control of my emotions”?

The second response, right?

Remember, a girl needs to be able to feel comfortable that you as the man can handle the environment you’re in, so that SHE can relax, open up and be her carefree feminine self.

Tests are her way of seeing if you’ve got what it takes (you need to PROVE this to her through your actions).

Now these “tests” don’t just come in the form of hostility…. even a girl making unreasonable demands (trying to turn you into an “errand boy”) is another form of test.

She’s subconsciously testing you to see if you have a spine, or if you’re her next friend zone victim she can mooch off.

A strong and clear NO in this situation will tell her 2 things:

1. You have a spine

2. You’re not worried about winning her approval.

Being able to demonstrate these two traits is an extremely potent way to spark attraction and get her chasing you VERY quickly.


It’s important to note that everything we discussed above are things that women do on a subconscious level.

Meaning they’re not consciously aware of what they’re doing. They just DO it.

And because of this, you can’t logically convince her you’re the right guy for her, you have to SHOW her through your behavior.

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