How To Escape The Friend Zone – 3 Little-Known Secrets About What It REALLY Takes To Get The Girl

Has that one girl you want more than anyone else told you that she “just wants to be friends”?

Discover these 3 little-known secrets about what it REALLY takes to escape the friend zone with that one girl and get her chasing YOU.

how to escape the friend zoneThere’s this one girl that you want more than anyone else, and no matter what you do you just feel like you can’t escape the hell known as the “friend zone”… And you sit there helplessly as she’s off chasing other guys and telling you that you’re so “nice” and you’re “such a good friend”.

Learn these 3 little known secrets about what it really takes to escape the friend zone and get that one girl to start chasing you… and how to become “that guy” she thinks about all day and will do ANYTHING to be with.

How To Escape The Friend Zone – 3 Little-Known About What It REALLY Takes To Get The Girl

1. Attraction is a RESPONSE. It is NOT a choice.

Conventional wisdom try to will have you believe that women want a “nice guy” who is sweet to her and always does what she wants…

However what most women say they want and what they actually RESPOND to are very often two very different things…

See, women are biologically wired to respond with attraction to certain behavioral cues from a man ( things such as having a spine, being self-amused, being grounded and emotionally strong)…

And there are also certain things women DON’T respond to with attraction (supplicating “nice guy” behavior, being a pushover, being needy and desperate), and will respond to with “friend zone” emotions and actions instead.

Women are hard-wired to respond to certain behaviors with attraction.

Just as us guys are “hard-wired” to respond with attraction to a beautiful women with a slim waist, wide hips and big breasts.

Women are wired to respond the exact same way to men. Only with women, they respond a lot more to BEHAVIORS, rather than simply looks.

And once you learn and master the behaviors that TRIGGER attraction and desire in a women, then getting “stuck in the friend zone” will become nothing but a distant memory.

2. Why “just be yourself” Is BAD Advice

If you were to ask “most people” how to go about getting a girl attracted to you, the answer would be something along these lines:

Just be yourself, let her see who you REALLY are. Just be nice”

And that’s all well and good on the surface, but the truth is most guys don’t even know what “being yourself” really means…

Does acting desperate and needy count as being yourself? Or is that just an emotion you’re feeling and acting out in that particular moment?

Do you really WANT to be nice? Or a you just doing it to get something from her? Is that “being yourself”?

These same people will then look down on and shame guys who approach building attraction with a strategy and a plan.

As if it’s somehow “wrong” to study and DO the things that cause attraction and NOT leave it up to chance and emotional whims.

When a guy who’s stuck in the friend zone with women buys into the belief that it’s wrong to actually learn how to give a women the emotions that deep down she actually WANTS (but will rarely admit to) and get her attracted to him, then he’s DOOMED to fail FOREVER.

Bottom line is you’re “playing the game” whether you like it or not. Most guys just won’t admit that to themselves, and because of that they’re very, very bad at it.

If you’re going to be playing it anyway, why not learn how to play it properly so that you start winning?

3. Looks, money and success don’t matter as MUCH as behavior (but they do help).

I’m NOT saying that being good looking, rich and successful doesn’t help with women.

Not at all.

They DO help.

But the key word there is HELP.

Meaning that they don’t do ALL the heavy lifting.

And they aren’t an excuse as to why YOU can’t get women if you don’t have them.

Here’s a good way to think of it:

Externals such as looks, money & success… they’re like sprinkles to women.

While demonstrating the behaviors that women find attractive are like the ice cream.

Ice cream on it’s own is good.

Ice cream with sprinkles is even better.

But no one wants a bowl of sprinkles without ice cream, do they?

Learn to master the behaviors that trigger emotions of attraction and desire in women, and you won’t need to worry about how good looking you are how much money you have to get women (just do those things for YOURSELF).

Note: While being good looking is a “sprinkles” trait and isn’t necessary to trigger attraction. Having basic hygiene is an “ice cream” trait, and is a REQUIREMENT. Demonstrating you have the self-awareness to be clean, well-groomed and smell good is a pre-requisite to building attraction.

You don’t have to be 6 ft 4 and jacked to get women, but you CANNOT stink and look like shit.


If you’ve made it this far it’s safe to say that you agree with that fact that if you’re ALWAYS playing the game, and you might as well learn how to play to WIN.

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