How To Flirt With A Girl – The #1 Key To Flirting Successfully

Feel like you just can’t get a girl to show any interest in you? Ever find yourself “running out of things to say” in an interaction?

Discover the #1 key to flirting with a girl that will make the difference between a new fling or another friend zone sentence.

how to flirt with a girlYou’ve just met this new girl and right away you start feeling anxious, you’re quickly running out of things to say and she doesn’t seem the slightest bit interested in you… You then find yourself initiating “boring small talk” with a girl because you can’t think of anything else to say and before you know it, she’s already put you in the friend zone is looking for any excuse to leave the interaction

If this has happened to you before then listen up, because in this short article you’re about to discover the #1 KEY to flirting with a girl that is going to instantly change the way women react to you in conversation so that you become the guy women can’t help but pay attention to (and WANT to take home).

How To Flirt With A Girl – The #1 Key To Flirting Successfully:

Sexualize The Interaction

This is something that almost all guys NEVER do in their interactions with women…

And as a result they have little to NO success with the women in their lives.

Without sexual tension, there’s NO chance of things ever moving forward with a woman. EVER.

Now the trick to creating sexual tension is in TEASING and engaging in PLAYFUL dialogue her.

And one of the best ways to do this is by asserting playfully that you two “have a thing” together, but she’s no longer good enough for you and you have to let her go.

For example:

Say you’re talking to a girl you just met and she’s says she likes watching some TV you think is stupid (the Kardashians for example).

You could say (with a playful grin on your face):

“Wait you actually watch that nonsense? Sorry but this isn’t going to work out after all, we NEED to get a divorce.”

You could say something like that with just about anything she says that you don’t agree with.

Just playfully tease her and suggest that she can’t have you anymore (this is a very innocent way of making her start to think of you sexually).

This type of communication is FUN and ENGAGING to her. She loves it because it instantly spikes her emotions.

And most importantly very few guys EVER do this.

They’ll either go the boring small talk route (and get sent straight to the friend zone), or will go in hot and heavy dropping “creepy” compliments and bribing her with free drinks (in which case she’ll milk him for a while then drop him the second a true alpha male comes along).

Don’t be one of those guys.

Keep it light hearted and fun, and playfully suggest she’s not good enough for you.

Do this right and she won’t be able to help but pay attention to you.


Sadly, most guys NEVER learn how to flirt successfully… and it shows with their complete lack of success with women.

Learning how to flirt with a girl is a lot like swimming, if you’ve never been taught how to do it properly it’s scary, confusing and seems impossible.

However, once you’ve gone through the process of learning how to do it properly, it becomes automatic and simple.

The good news is that guys who do know how to flirt properly NEVER find themselves without a woman in their lives, because they’re automatically above the 99.9% of guys who have NO idea what they’re doing.

Now there’s a lot more to learning how to flirt with a girl than I can cover in this article.

But my good friend Bobby Rio has a VERY useful step-by-step guide called “Make Small Talk Sexy” that I highly recommend you download if you’re at all serious about getting this area of your life handled.

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