How To Get A Girls Attention When Texting (With REAL Text Examples)

how to get a girls attention when textingEver felt like no matter what you send a girl over text she just won’t reply?

I understand how frustrating it can be, as often times you think the girl is really into you when you get her number, then for whatever reason she avoids your texts like the plague.

I recently posted an article about the best texts to send when she’s not texting back… so today I’m going to show you real example conversations of the best texts I send to a girl when she’s not texting back to get her responding to my text messages….

Feel free to swipe and use these for yourself!

How To Get A Girls Attention When Texting (With REAL Text Examples)

How To Get A Girls Attention When Texting Example #1 – Red or Black?

This is a message I will send to a girl if it’s been a while since I last spoke to her and if we’re generally on good terms (she hasn’t been ignoring every text I send her etc).

I’ll typically use this as a small, one-off conversation to get a girl thinking about me, rather than moving into a full text conversation where I’ll ask the girl out.

This will grab her attention and put me back on her radar:

how to get a girls attention when texting

See here how I didn’t respond apart from a very neutral “thanks”.

That was intentional – it shows I’m not worried about her opinion as I don’t feel the need to explain myself.

A good sign here is the “???” she sent an hour later… this means she’s thinking about me and it was easy the next day to text her again and get her out.

How To Get A Girls Attention When Texting Example #2 – Illegitimate Child?

I’ll use this to jump-start a conversation and will usually transition into asking her out a couple of messages after sending this one.

This one works because its fun, ambiguous (she doesn’t know if I’m being serious or not), edgy and subtly sexual all in one…

how to get a girls attention when texting

As you can see here, this easily transitioned into a date that night.

Make sure you give this one a try! (just be sure to change up the wording so that it’s congruent with your personality).

How To Get A Girls Attention When Texting Example #3 – The “Super Important Question”

This one can either be used as a “stand-alone” text to get back on a girls radar… or it can be used to transition into a date.

It’s up to you and depends on the situation at the time:

how to get a girls attention when texting

As you can see here. I just used this as a stand-alone text to stay on this girls radar.

I wanted to meet her the following week so this was just a stand-alone text.

I got a response, and got her thinking about me a few hours later (see that last text she sent).

The whole point of this text was to position myself as unpredictable and the one who she needs to impress (I’m the one passing judgement).

Use these examples as inspiration, swipe em and then try coming up with your own.

Post your results in the comments below!

All the best,

Blake Twain


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