How To Get A Girls Attention In 2 Simple Ways

Struggling to get a girls attention when you first meet? Discover these 2 simple ways to instantly get her attention and make her want to chase YOU.

how to get a girls attentionYou’re at a bar or a club and you’ve just met a new girl for the first time, however it feel like no matter what you do the girl quickly loses interest in you and stops giving you attention.

Here are two simple, quick ways to get her to pay attention to you and feel the need to start pursuing YOU.

First off, there’s something critical that you MUST understand when it comes to meeting a girl for the first time.

You see, every-time you meet a new girl, ONE of you is trying harder than the other… and the person who tries the hardest holds the LEAST power.

If she recognizes that she is the one with the power right away, it’s game over. You’ve already lost.

That’s why it’s so important to immediately establish that YOU hold the upper hand and always be in control of the power.

Here are two simple ways to seize the upper hand and get her paying attention to you:

How To Get A Girls Attention In 2 Simple Ways

1. Get her to buy you a drink.

If she asks for a drink, say “sure, you got this round?”

Or if you bought the first round, hold up your empty glass and say something like “rum and coke please”.

Keep it playful and non-threatening, and this’ll work wonders.

Just the simple act of getting her to spend money on you instantly boosts her attraction towards you, as her brain rationalizes “wow, I must really like this guy if I’m already spending money on him”.

2. Get her chasing your validation

This can be done in a number of ways, but the main thing you want to achieve is that you have her qualifying herself to YOU.

Here’s some examples:

– Ask her what she does for work, and why…. This’ll force her to explain a decision she has made and she’ll want to make sure she gives a solid response.

– Playfully tell her that something she likes is for nerds and you’re embarrassed to be seen with her.

E.g “You’re a big Harry Potter fan eh? Ugh I dunno afraid I can’t be seen with in public with a Harry Potter nerd” (Keep this playful, lighthearted and cheeky).

As I said, it doesn’t matter what you say, what’s important is that you get her qualifying herself to you and seeking your validation.

So You’ve Got Her Attention, What Next?

Use these 2 simple techniques next time you meet a girl to quickly establish the upper hand and take control of the power.

Once you do this, you’l find it much easier to hold her attention, then you can get to work on building attraction.

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