How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone With A Woman & Become “Friend Zone Proof”

So there’s this women you have strong feelings for but she’s sentenced you to the friend zone and is off chasing other “asshole” guys… Discover this little-known secret to getting out of the friend zone and get her chasing YOU.

how to get out of the friend zone with a womanShe’s given you the “I just want to be friends” speech and you’re not sure what to do to flip things around and make her want you…

You could continue doing the things that you’ve been doing so far and hope that things will magically change…

Or you can try a different approach that’s PROVEN to get this girl chasing after YOU and become “friend zone proof”.

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone With A Woman & Become “Friend Zone Proof”

If you want to get out of the friend zone with this woman you’ve been chasing after, then you need to stop and re-think your current approach.

Most likely you’ve been the one chasing her

Trying to impress her…

And working and win her affection and approval…

This behavior makes sense in theory, but in REALITY is is the CAUSE behind why you’re in the friend zone in the first place.

So what should you do instead? How can you become “friend zone proof”?

Simple, you need to get her attracted to you and get her chasing YOUR approval.

The reason you’re in the friend zone now is because she is currently NOT attracted to you, and doesn’t give a shit about your approval.

Change these two things, and the friend zone will rapidly become a thing of the past.


“Well that makes sense, but how do I do this?”

I understand that for most guys, learning how to create attraction and get the girl chasing you is a skill that does NOT come naturally.

And that’s fine (it sure as hell didn’t come naturally for me)…

But this is a skill you CAN learn (and master)… and it’s actually quite simple when you have a proven plan.

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What you’ll find there are some little known, yet extremely powerful secrets to “short circuiting” a girls mind and getting her obsessed with and chasing YOU.

It’s powerful stuff, that can do a lot of harm if it got into the right hands. So please use this stuff for good.

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