How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone – 4 Mistakes That Almost ALL Guys Make

So you’re really into this one girl but she says she “just wants to be friends”? Discover the 4 biggest mistakes almost all guys make that land them in the friend zone, and what to do to flip the script, get out of the friend zone and get her chasing YOU.

How to get out of the friend zone

So there’s this one “special” girl, you probably think about her constantly throughout the day, and the only thing you want is for her to feel the same way about you.

But nope, instead she’s off chasing other (“asshole”) guys and has given you the “let’s just be friends” speech whenever you try to tell her how you feel about her (aka you’ve been FRIEND ZONED).

Learn the 4 biggest mistakes almost all guys make that buy them a one way ticket to the friend zone, and what to do instead to get out of the friend zone and get that one girl you want to start obsessing over YOU.

4 Mistakes That Land All Guys In The Friend Zone… And What To Do To Get Out:

1. Appearing Too Needy

The fastest way to the friend zone is is by demonstrating to her that you’re needy and are desperate for her affection.

In the beginning stages of any relationship, the easier you are to win over the less she will want you.

So doing things like messaging her all the time, telling her how special she is and bending over backwards for her quickly destroys your chances of her ever becoming attracted to you.

The Solution:

Don’t go all out when you first meet a girl and NEVER make it seem like you’re desperate to win her affection.

When in doubt, ask yourself  this question:

“If I had 5 other high quality girls chasing me, how would I act?”

2. Trying To Impress Her

Most guys believe that automatically a girl is above them and that it’s their job to impress her and win her approval. So they do their best to show off their “assets” to her (like their job, body, money, looks, talents etc).

Not that having these things hurt your chances, but when she can see that you’re using them to try to impress her, this shows her that you believe she’s above you… and what girl wants someone who’s below them?

This also goes goes for supplicating/pleasing behavior like agreeing with everything she says and always giving in to unreasonable demands. Instant attraction killing behavior.

The Solution:

Stop trying to win her over by pretending to think exactly like she does and believing you have something to prove to her.

Instead focus your communication on expressing yourself authentically and set the frame that she needs to prove herself to be the right girl for you.

You want her trying to get into your world, you shouldn’t be trying to get into hers.


Girls want to join the best party (yours), they don’t want to BE the party.

3. Trying to win her affection with favors, dinners and being a “nice” guy

Women preach they want this sweet “nice guy” over and over again… however it’s not what they emotionally respond to with attraction (read that again, it’s important).

Remember, your job is never to make a girl logically think you’re the right guy for her.

Logic follows emotion for women. Meaning that she’ll use logic to justify the way she feels about you, she won’t use logic to decide how she feels about you (another very important point).

So even though to you it may make sense to spend money on her and do favors whenever she asks, what it’s actually showing her (and what she feels emotionally) is that you don’t have a spine and are a pushover. Who cares if you’re “nice”, she’s not wired to be attracted to a weak man.

The Solution:

You don’t have to turn into an asshole, but you need to decide to act with a spine and demonstrate to her that you’re not going to compromise your integrity just to win her approval.

If you’ve been dancing the nice-guy dance up until now far this may sound counter-intuitive, but the moment you make your validation appear difficult to attain the girl can’t help but crave it that much more and she’ll start seeking your approval (which is the beginning of her chasing YOU).

4. Relying on blind HOPE that she’ll feel the same way.

“I just wish she would realize just how much I like her, then she would want to be with me”.

This is the mindset that almost every guy operates from when it comes to women. They buy into the fantasy played out in the Hollywood movies where the nice guy magically gets the girl because he’s just wants her so bad.

Here’s a harsh truth for you:

You’re not special for having intense feelings for a girl. In fact, if she’s an attractive girl, she probably has DOZENS of guys who feel the exact same way about her as you do.

Most guys would rather live in HOPE that things will work out in the end, and they don’t bother to learn about what actually triggers attraction and how to do it, they simply go around with their heart on their sleeve, facing rejection after rejection and never stop to consider that the approach they’re taking is all wrong.

The Solution:

If you’ve been riding the Blind Hope wagon up until now, you need to wake up and admit to yourself that life isn’t like the movies and she doesn’t go for the guy who has the strongest feelings for her.

Then decide that you’re going to start following a proven plan to get this girl that’s based on female psychology.

This is the real world here and relying on hope will get you nowhere. Smart guys follow a proven plan.


If you’ve been stuck in the friend zone up until now you’re not alone, it happens to pretty much every guy at some point or another…

Us guys are not taught how to do this stuff growing up, and you’ll agree it sure as hell doesn’t come naturally.

But the most important thing is now that you’re aware of the mistakes you’ve been making and that’s a powerful place to be in, because now you’re in a position to DO something about it.

It’s never too late, you CAN get out of the friend zone if that’s your current fat… but you need to take a different approach, one that’s not based on blind HOPE and instead is based on proven psychology.

The single best way to do this is by using a strategy known as the “Scrambler”.

It goes deep into the step-by-step “how-to” of applying the principles we’ve just covered in this article, and if you take the time to learn and apply that strategy – you’ll agree that the results will be LIFE-CHANGING.

However you better hurry, if this girl who has you in the friend zone is really that special, someday soon another guy who actually knows this stuff is going to come in and claim her for himself and you’re going to lose her.

You can learn more about The Scrambler by clicking here.

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