How To Impress A Girl – The #1 Secret Women WON’T Tell You

Ever feel like the more you try to impress a girl the less interested she is in you? Discover the TRUTH about how to impress a girl the RIGHT way (99.9% of guys NEVER learn this).

how to impress a girlIf you’re like most guys, as soon as you meet a beautiful woman you instantly feel the NEED to “impress her”.

Maybe you try to drop subtle hints about things you’re most proud of about yourself (like your car, your job or how much money you make etc).

Or you try to say the thing that you think she’s going to like and agree with the most….

You’re constantly trying to say things that will make her laugh… but you just feel “stifled” and awkward in conversation.

If this sounds like you, then listen up. Because what I’m about to share with you is a secret that less than 1 in a 1000 guys know about how to impress a girl the right way…

How To Impress A Girl – The #1 Secret Women WON’T Tell You:

The thing that almost every guy doesn’t understand is that in order for a girl to be attracted to you she doesn’t want a man that feels as though he need to impress her.


Because this communicates that you believe yourself to be below her, and that you need to prove to her that you’re good enough for her.

And a girl CANNOT feel attracted to a guy who she feels is below him.

Maybe in the movies, but in REALITY it just doesn’t work. She’s hard-wired to respond to a STRONG man, and a man who supplicates to a woman is displaying a neediness that coming from desperation (weakness).

So how do you actually “impress” a girl the right way?

The ultimate frame you want to be coming from is this:

SHE needs to be the one to impress YOU.

A simple way to do this is to be completely comfortable being yourself around her. Just saying the things you authentically feel and not being overly phased if she agrees with you or not.

Make it clear that you don’t give just anyone your approval.

Even if she disagrees with you, what will start to happen is that she’ll start trying to impress YOU and doing and saying the things she hopes YOU will like.

Once she starts to see that your approval is hard to get, she will start to work for it (because you’ve made it hard to get i.e. more valuable).

This is a very counter-intuitive approach to take for most guys, because it seems to go against logic. And if you’re skeptical, that’s understandable.

But for one week, I invite you to try operating under the following mindset:

“This girl has to prove herself WORTHY of my time and attention in 3 ways other than her looks”.

Use that mindset as a guiding principle in all of your interactions with women, and you’ll be SHOCKED to see the difference it makes.


Once you can get a girl chasing your approval, it’s all downhill from there.

And the guys who can repeatedly do this, are the ones who live in ABUNDANCE with women.

Take what you’ve learned here and run with it, it’ll get you a LONG way in getting the girl you really want…

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