How To Make A Girl Fall For You Automatically By “Engineering Love”

WARNING: The content in this article is controversial and can cause a lot of harm if used with the wrong intentions. Please only use what you’re about to read for GOOD.

how to make a girl fall for youIn a previous article I discussed  how getting a woman to fall in love with you is NOT about the things you say.

…And I explained that love is a physiological process that occurs in her mind when she’s away from you, that is:

– When she can’t stop thinking about you…

– When she finds herself constantly repeating your name in her mind and starts desperately trying to “win you” over…

– Soon enough it comes to a point where she wants you so bad it’s painful.

That’s the process of love… and it’s something you can ENGINEER in any girl (if you know how).

Here’s how…

How To Make A Girl Fall For You Automatically By Engineering Love

Playing The “Game of Emotions”

Making a girl fall in love with you is all about the emotions she feels towards you.

And if you want a certain girl to fall for you, your goal is to get that girl her to become addicted to the emotions that YOU give her.

Do this and you will have her FULL attention and interest.

How do you do this?

You do this not by “what you say”, but by the emotions you trigger inside her…

…the emotions you can get her to feel.

If you really want to make a girl fall for you and become emotionally ADDICTED to you, your ONLY job is to create a full range of emotions in a woman (this is what also creates attraction).

The good emotions.

The bad emotions.

…and everything in between.

Most guys think that it’s just about making her feel the good emotions so they compliment her, pander to her and try their hardest not to offend or even shock her in any way.

But this only BORES her and she’ll very quickly lose interest.

A woman NEEDS to experience a range of emotions in order to become addicted to you.

She needs drama.

And the most powerful emotions to get a girl hooked are the ones that most guys don’t even think about:

– anticipation

– confusion

– shock and surprise

– trust

If you can get her feeling surprised, it’ll keep her interested in you because she doesn’t know what’s coming next, she’ll try to guess and figure it out.

Soon enough she’ll begin to feel confusion around you… she’ll start thinking about you more and more as she tries to figure you out, this is where you start to take up her attention and occupy more and more of her mind.

The more she thinks about you, the more she rationalizes that she must REALLY want you (“she must be falling in LOVE”)… she starts feeling anticipation for you to return her texts and is nervous when meeting up.

You see, “Love” happens in a woman when she feels like she doesn’t have control (but desperately wants to).

A girl won’t fall for you when things are smooth and peachy.

Think back to a time when you were hopelessly in love with a girl, you probably didn’t have much control over her and her emotions, but you really WANTED to, right?

And the fact that you didn’t have control over her emotions only made you WANT her that much more… you didn’t even have any conscious choice in the matter (you can’t “switch off” your feelings).

Getting a “hit” of her validation was a like a drug.

With each “fix” of her approval, you would only crave and work harder to get more…

And THAT feeling is what you need to make her to feel for YOU.

The truth is, you can engineer this feeling of love in ANY girl, but only if you know how.

Most guys will NEVER come close to figuring this stuff out in their entire lives, but I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to do this, with a 10 day email bootcamp called Friend Zone Mastery (100% free).

That’s where I’ll show you the step-by-step, specific methods and techniques I use to create the emotions I mentioned above in any girl, so that you can get her emotionally addicted to YOU.

This is serious stuff that can do a lot of damage if used with the wrong intentions, so PLEASE only use this for good.

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