How To Make A Girl Fall In Love FAST (Master This ONE Thing)

Do you desperately want this one girl to become your girlfriend, but you don’t know what to say or do to get her to fall in love with you? Discover this little-known secret about what it REALLY takes to make ANY girl to fall in love with you FAST.

how to make a girl fall in loveThere’s this girl you want to make your girlfriend, and no matter what you try it seems like she’s just not interested in you…

So you’re stuck wondering what you have to do or say to get this girl fall for you…

You’re about to discover the ONE thing you must do to get a girl to rapidly fall in live with and become OBSESSED with you… and I can almost GUARANTEE you haven’t heard this before.

First off, we need to clear up a couple of common misconceptions that are probably destroying your chances with every girl you fall for in your life up until now.

Misconception #1:

There’s nothing you can “say” to make a girl fall in love with you.

There’s no “magical combination” of words that will make any and every girl fall madly in love with you… it’s a little more complicated than that (but only a little, you’ll see what I mean).

Misconception #2

Telling her how much you like her WON’T make her want to be your girlfriend.

I’ve seen countless guys hold the belief that if they can just get her to see how special she is to them, that this will make her want them…

So they go all in and pour their heart out to her, only to be given the awkward “I just like you as a friend” speech and left feeling rejected, confused and humiliated.

And while that may make some sense in your mind, the truth is she doesn’t CARE one bit how you feel about her if she doesn’t feel any kind of attraction for you.

Plus, if she’s a beautiful woman, odds are there are DOZENS of guys who feel the exact same way.

So the fact that you have strong feeling for her does not mean much to her at all.

In most cases this only fucks up your chances because you’re now giving HER all the power, and biologically she will not be able to develop feeling of attraction or desire for you.

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love FAST (Master This ONE Thing)

If you’ve fallen victim to the misconceptions above, what you’re about to read has the power to change your dating life FOREVER.

The Secret To Getting Her To Fall Madly In Love With YOU:

Love is a physiological process.

Meaning that her physiology RESPONDS with the emotion of “Love” to the guy who is able to TRIGGER IT.

In other words, Love is a REACTION. She has no “choice” in the matter.

Make sense?

So you don’t need to worry about proving how “worthy” you are for her, or worrying about finding the exact right thing to say….

The ONLY thing you need to focus on is triggering the physiological process called “love” (and attraction) in her mind.

Do that, and she’ll have no choice but to want YOU.

The next thing you need to know is that she falls in love with you when she’s thinking about you when you’re not around.

Re-read that line, it’s CRITICAL.

Think about girl YOU have fallen in love with, you probably thought about them regularly, hundreds of times a day right?

It wasn’t necessarily being around them when you realized that you wanted them, your desire and attraction mostly built up when she wasn’t around but you were thinking about her.

Well it’s the exact same for HER.

The more you can get her thinking about you… the more that the process of attraction and love will be triggered in her for YOU.

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