How To Make Girls Love You by DROPPING These 8 “Friend Zone” Behaviors 

Does it feel like every time you really fall for a girl you just can’t get her to show any interest in you? Discover these 8 attraction-killing behaviors you’re probably making that are GUARANTEED to land you in the friend zone…

how to make girls love youYou really like this girl and you want to show her just how great of a boyfriend you would be…

So you turn on the “good boyfriend” behavior with the hopes of letting her see just how “right” you are for her…

However, by displaying these behaviors too soon, you are quickly DESTROYING your chances of ever sleeping with this girl and are essentially “friend zoning” YOURSELF.

Here are 8 behaviors you MUST avoid if you want to end up with this girl…

How To Make Girls Love You by DROPPING These 8 “Friend Zone” Behaviors 

  1.  Being overly generous towards her.
  2.  Going out of your way to do her lots of favors.
  3.  Trying to impress her with externals such as your job, money or success.
  4.  Giving her too much attention.
  5.  Trying to be exactly like her.
  6.  Being her “emotional tampon” by listening to and trying to solve all her problems.
  7.  Taking her side against “players” and making a point of being different to those “assholes”.
  8.  Not making a move because you “respect her”.

If you’re in a committed, long term relationship with a girl then it’s perfectly fine to show her how much you care and look after her…

However, if it’s a girl you’ve just met or someone you’re NOT in any kind of romantic relationship with yet, these behaviors are going to drastically HURT your chances of actually getting the girl (and will make the friend zone almost CERTAIN)…

Why is this?

Because these behaviors are NOT what triggers ATTRACTION in a girl.

And creating attraction is your #1 priority when first meeting a girl.

(read that a few times and let it sink in.)

By acting like the “good boyfriend” too soon, you’re giving HER the power and you’ll find it damn near impossible to even sleep with her.

Instead, wait until AFTER you’ve slept together before you start building COMFORT.

Attraction is #1… ALWAYS.

What Do You Do If She’s Already Friend Zoned You?

If you’ve been displaying “good boyfriend” behavior towards her too soon and she’s put you in the friend zone, it’s NOT too late to turn things around.

However it’s going to require a completely different approach to what you’ve currently been doing…

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