How To Tell A Girl You Like Her WITHOUT Getting Rejected

Not sure what the best way is to tell that girl how you feel about her? Discover the single BEST way to convey your feelings to that girl you’re into so that you AVOID getting rejected and put in the friend zone.

how to tell a girl you like herSo there’s this one girl you want more than anyone else, and you’re not sure about the best way express your feelings to her without risking the painful embarrassment of rejection and getting the “I just want to be friends” speech. You’re about to learn the most effective way to convey your feelings towards a girl that is 100% REJECTION PROOF.

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her Like A TRUE Alpha Male:

If you’re reading this article I know how you feel…

You’re feeling like this girl is really special and you just want to go all out and tell her EXACTLY how much you like her and how special she is…

Am I right?

Well the first thing we need to do here is re-frame your thinking a bit.

Because what your instincts are telling you right now, to wear your heart on your sleeve and express EVERYTHING, is going to do nothing but DESTROY your chances with this girl.


Because it stinks of desperation. It shows her that you’ve put her on a pedestal and you NEED her.

And this cocktail of desperation and neediness will turn her off quicker than a fish milkshake, trust me.

“So what should I do instead? Do nothing?”

Not. Quite.

What you need to do is change the way you’re thinking about the situation.

And realize that you DON’T need to convey to her how you feel (there’s plenty of time for that later, once she’s into you).

For now, you simply need to work on creating ATTRACTION and getting her to start chasing you.

Fuck telling her verbally how you feel, that’s STUPID.

It won’t work.

Millions of guys have been there before and the result is a universal life sentence to the friend zone.


Instead, convey interest with your actions (showing her attention, telling her she looks good etc) but you don’t want to go ALL OUT with this.

You need to be ambiguous. Never fully letting her know where she stands with you.

In the beginning, when you’re working to solidify attraction and get her chasing you, you NEED to have her trying to figure out how you really feel about her.

Do this right and you’ll pretty quickly have her thinking about you when you’re not around (this is KEY).

Having her thinking about you when you’re not around is how lust and obsession are born (it’s probably what you’re doing with her right now, isn’t it?).

If she starts to question you about how you feel, that’s a really good sign because it means she’s invested in you and you can start to tell her verbally where you stand.

But in the beginning you still want to keep it casual and lighthearted:

“I think you’re a cool girl and I enjoy spending time with you”.


It’s positive reinforcement, but she’s still not 100% sure how you really feel.


Look, it’s only natural that you want to go all out and express your feelings to her, especially if you REALLY like her.

We’ve all felt it and fallen victim to it one time or another.

But you need to RESIST that instinct, it’s a flawed one.

Because if she’s not attracted to you then no matter WHAT you do or say she’s going to put you in the friend zone.

Instead of figuring out the best way to TELL her you like her, figure out the best way to spark and create attraction and get her chasing you.

That’s what’s going to give you the result you want.

And it doesn’t happen instantly, its gonna take a lil’ patience, and the execution of a proven plan.

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