How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – 5 Honest Signs She’s Into You

Not sure how to tell if a girl likes you? Discover 5 foolproof ways to know she likes you without having to ask her and risk getting rejected…

how to tell if a girl likes youSo you’re friends with this girl and you want to tell her how you feel about her, but you aren’t sure how she feels about you and don’t want to risk embarrassing yourself…

Here are 5 things that a girl will do if she likes you and has more than friendship on her mind…

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – 5 Honest Signs She Likes You:

1. She’s quick to respond to your texts.

When you text her, does she respond right away or does she take hours or even days to get back to you?

If she’s consistently hitting you back within minutes it means she’s invested in you and has something beyond friendship on her mind.

But if she’s constantly leaving you hangin’ with nothing but a “seen” note under your messages, it’s safe to safe that you’ve been friend zoned and you’ve got some work to do to get out.

2. She makes an effort to keep the conversation going.

This applies to both over text and in person, but if she is making an effort to keep the conversation going (asking questions etc), then that’s a good sign she likes you.

If however she’s completely content with throwing you a one word response and leaving you to fill the void and carry on the conversation all by yourself, she’s probably got another guy on her mind.

3. She makes an effort to spend time with you.

Another good way to tell if a girl likes you is if she is proactive in making plans to hang out with you…

If you’re “just a friend” she probably wouldn’t go to the effort of trying to hang out with you very often (as she’d be more worried about chasing the guy she DOES like), and it would always be up to you to make an effort to spend time with her.

However if she’s busting her hump to be around you, you can rest easy and know that there’s something more than friendship on her mind.

4. She makes physical contact with you during conversation.

This doesn’t have to be contact that is sexual in nature, ANY kind of repeated physical contact is a good indicator she’s into you.

If she’s touching you on the arm or shoulder during conversation, or whispering things in your ear and getting up in your personal space, then these are all very good indicators she is attracted to you.

5. She gets jealous of other girls

Jealousy is a very powerful emotion that girls struggle to hide well, if she’s jealous about other girls in your life, then take that as a VERY strong signal she’s into you.

If you mention other girls around her and she either goes REALLY quiet and looks uncomfortable… or if she overplays the “cool friend” role and makes it a point to act like she doesn’t care at all, then it means she’s feeling a rush of jealousy towards you and these girls.

This is a very strong sign she’s into you.


If she doesn’t do any of these things then the bad news is that you’re most likely in the friend zone.

But don’t worry, the good news is that contrary to what most guys will tell you, the friend zone is something you can ALWAYS escape from given that you are following the right strategy.

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