How To Text A Girl For The First Time (With Examples You Can Swipe)

how to text a girl for the first time examplesToday we have a question from a reader, Pedro.

He asks:

Hey Blake, love your stuff. I was wondering if you can tell me how to text a girl for the first time? And maybe also give some examples? Thanks

Thanks, Pedro.

And this is a question that I know a lot of guys will benefit from, which is why I’ve decided to respond with a full article rather than just reply to you in person.

Anyway, let’s get to it…

How To Text A Girl For The First Time (With Examples You Can Swipe):

The most IMPORTANT thing to remember when texting a girl is to NOT convey any form of neediness.




I’ve had dozens and dozens of guys who write in for help with their texting, where the problem simply boils down to conveying neediness in their text messages.

Ruthlessly cull all forms of neediness, and almost magically girls will start responding well.

Common first texts like this one are a perfect example of a NEEDY text:

“Hey, was great to meet you last night. Did you end up having a good night?”

Take a second to think about WHY this is needy.

Go on….



Figured it out yet?

I’ll tell you….

This text (and other forms of generic “first texts” like this one) is needy because it’s almost BEGGING for a response.

Did you end up having a good night?

She knows you don’t really care about that.

You don’t know her and you’re just very obviously trying to get her attention and the validation of her talking to you.

Also, there’s no fun and no value coming from you the guy sending it.

Again, it’s all about you trying to get what you want from this girl (her attention).

There’s nothing in it for her, no good emotions that this text would make her feel.

It’s not even really “real”.

It’s just polite fluffy bullshit that almost EVERY high-quality girl will roll their eyes to and ignore without a second thought (unless you had a REALLY good first meeting).

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So what do you do instead?

Be fun.

Be flirty.

Be playful.

Be light-hearted.

Phrase your texts in a way where it’s obvious you don’t NEED a response.

and make it EASY for her to reply by using emotional hooks.

For example, look at these example texts (feel free to swipe ‘em):


“Things got pretty crazy last night after you left… some gay couple tried to seduce me in an overly physical way haha… Blake, the sophisticated guy from [venue]”


“You know what, I’m a little worried. After last night we probably owe big debt to karma, no thanks to you haha… – Blake”


“Hey missy, when you get bailed out of jail… hit me up.”

Notice how these example texts are playful and lighthearted. They’re more focussed on conveying fun and playfulness than anything else…

HUGE difference here between these texts and the generic “nice to meet you” texts that most guys send.

All they convey is that this girl is already super important to them and that they really want her approval. And it sends girls runnin’ for the hills man, trust me, I’ve been that guy before.



Take those swipes and run with ‘em.

Take inspiration from them to come up with your go-to texts.

Whatever you do, remember to drop all forms of neediness over text for good.

All the best,

Blake Twain


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