How To Text A Girl You Like – 6 Ways To Get Her Attention & Build Attraction

how to text a girl you likeSo you managed to get that cute girls number?

I bet you were over the moon, and you’ve been thinking about her non-stop since your interaction…

However, you soon enough realized that you actually have to DO SOMETHING with this new girls phone number…

… and you stare at your phone screen, writing messages and erasing them over and over, trying to come up with the “perfect” text to send her.

If you’re not sure how to text a girl you like and want to learn some proven ways to get her attention and build attraction over text, then stop what you’re doing and read this article in its entirety.

You’ll be glad you did.

How To Text A Girl You Like – 6 Ways To Get Her Attention & Build Attraction:

1. Bring Fun and Interesting Vibes

Do you know how many attractive women get hit up over text all day, every day by different guys who just want to talk, despite the fact that they have nothing interesting or meaningful to say?

Pretty much all of ‘em.


And as a result, these girls have pretty much ZERO patience and tolerance for guys who are boring and just want to text them for the sake of it…

Girls don’t want to be and WON’T be the entertaining party in a text message conversation.

What this means is that it’s YOUR job to give them the emotions they actually want to feel.

This means absolutely ZERO boring small talk.

No “what’s up?” or “how was your day?” texts.

Instead, send texts that are flirty, fun and interesting…

By doing this she’s actually going to enjoy texting you and will find it easy to respond to you.

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2. Funny Pictures and Texts

Remember, it’s up to YOU to be the entertaining party and spike her emotions when texting (especially when you’ve only just met the girl and she’s not overly invested in you)…

A great way to spike a girls emotions over text is by getting her to laugh

And a great way to do this is by sending her funny, flirty texts… or by simply sending her funny pictures and memes from the internet.

You can either do this in a conversation where your plan is to get her out with you… or you can do it as a one-off text designed to get her thinking about you so that you stay on her radar.

This not only brings her good emotions and helps her to build a positive association towards you, but it also makes texting a lot more enjoyable for you too.

Give it a shot.

3. Make It Easy For Her To Reply – Use “Hooks” In Your Texts

Most guys make the mistake of ONLY sending boring, “small talk” questions that result in her ignoring you completely.


Hey, how was your day

Or they send statements that require no logical or emotional reason for the girl to respond… and then they wonder why they’re being ignored.


“I’m just at work and I’m so bored lol.

I’ll say it again…

It’s up to YOU to be the entertaining party and make it EASY for her to respond to you.

If your text doesn’t have an emotional “hook”, you’re probably going to be ignored…

Make sure you always add a “hook” into your texts so that she will want to continue the conversation and enjoy doing do (click here for examples texts).

4. Short and Sweet Texts

One of the biggest texting mistakes almost all guys make is conveying neediness in their texts.

By conveying neediness to a girl, you’ll have her turned off quicker than a Gameboy dropped in the bath.

Learn exactly what needy behavior is (it’s all in here), and make sure to drop it completely from now on.

One of the most common ways guys convey neediness to a girl is by over-investing in the text message conversation.

What I mean by this is that they’ll send one or multiple paragraph-length text messages… when the girl is barely sending a few words back in response.

If you do this, one thing becomes clear – that you really WANT to impress this girl, you really care about winning her approval and that she is important to you.

Conveying this to a girl you barely know is NOT a good thing. It reeks of neediness and will send her packing before you can finish fantasizing about showing her off to your friends for the first time…

Seriously, girls are brutal with their intolerance for this kind of behavior.

So make sure that the length of your texts is at least on par with hers…

…ideally, she’s the one sending the longer texts and investing more into the conversation.

But equal at the very least.

Just don’t overreach and convey neediness…

This also counts for the NUMBER of texts you send her.

If you’re sending five texts to her one, it shows that she’s the one in control and that you’re investing way more than she is.

Again, this all goes back to neediness.

Keep your investment reigned in – so that you never surpass hers.

5. Don’t Be Too Available Over Text

This is related above point, but another way to convey neediness is by being too available over text.

We’ve all been there before, you’re texting a girl you REALLY like…a girl you can’t stop thinking about.

And as a result, you become “that guy” who always hits her texts back right away.

You’re always the one waiting on a response from her.

This is a big turn off for a girl.

As again, it shows neediness and the fact that you’re desperate to win her approval and that she means a lot to you (despite the fact that you barely know each other).

Instead, vary up your response times.

Become unpredictable.

It’ll go a long way in actually getting this girls attention.

6. Have an End Goal When You Text Her

Most guys, when messaging a girl, don’t really have an end goal in mind for the text conversation.

And if asked, their reasoning for texting her doesn’t go much further than “I like her so I want to talk to her”.

BIG mistake.

If you don’t have a purpose for texting her and work towards that purpose, you’ll almost inevitably fall into “texting buddy” territory… which is essentially a friend zone” relationship over text.

Instead, always have an end goal when texting her.

Ideally, you want to get her out and spend time with her in person (that day/night).

But if for whatever reason that’s not an option, your best bet is to send texts that get her thinking about you and building a positive association towards you.

This will keep you on her radar, and it’ll make it a lot easier for you when you’re ready to pull the trigger and get her out.

Now if you follow these guidelines you’ll see a dramatic change in your results when texting that girl you like… however, there are still a few BIG texting mistakes that most guys make that screw their chances up completely.

If you want to learn what they are, as well as specific techniques and frameworks for getting some attraction building, fun & flirty texts flowing, enter your name and email address below to sign up for The Ultimate Texting Kick-Start Bundle for FREE.

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All the best,

Blake Twain.

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