How To Text Girls 101 – 5 Simple Rules For Texting Girls and Creating Attraction

how to text girlsHave you just got a girls phone number and you’re not sure what to text her?

Maybe you’ve been texting multiple girls and they haven’t been texting you back

If you’re struggling to text girls in a way that gets them attracted and wanting to meet up with you, then keep reading to discover 5 simple rules for how to text girls and do it WELL…

…so that you create instant attraction and desire so that the girl you’re texting is anxious to meet up with YOU.

How To Text Girls 101 – 5 Simple Rules For Texting Girls and Creating Attraction:

How To Text Girls 101 – Rule #1: Be Unpredictable.

Girls will chase after a guy they can’t quite figure out…

That’s why if you’ve ever been the guy to always hit a girls text back straight away, you’ll know that’s it’s only a matter of time before she starts ignoring you… or at the very least, stops putting in any effort to keep the conversation going.

This is because if you’re predictable, you’re BORING to her.

And in this day and age girls have VERY limited attention…

They’ve got DOZENS of other guys hitting them up as well as you…

Hundreds of likes coming in daily on their Facebook and Instagram…

And they’re getting approached left, right and centre when they go out to a bar or club.

With so many options, an attractive girl will simply REFUSE to invest their limited attention in a guy that’s predictable and/or boring.

The easiest way to become unpredictable is simply to mix up your response time.

Sometimes hit her back right away…

Other times leave her message alone for hours without replying…

And other times don’t even reply at all.

Doing this will ensure that you’re ALWAYS keeping her guessing.

By doing this she’s going to find herself constantly checking her phone to see if YOU have replied, and when she sees that you haven’t responded yet, she’s going to spend time thinking about YOU, trying to figure out why you’re not like all the other guys and hitting her back right away.

And the more she thinks about you and how she can figure you out and win you over, the more she will desires you.

I’ve had girls that would admit that they would always be checking their phone throughout the day to see if I had replied…

I acted innocent and brushed it off but deep down it was a completely intentional move – because I knew what to do to get her mind glued on me.

Become unpredictable, and her mind will become glued to you very soon too.

How To Text Girls 101 – Rule #2: Bring Good Vibes.

This is something that should seem obvious… but most guys completely fuck this up.

When getting to know a girl for the first time, ONLY bring her good vibes.

Don’t start complaining about your job…

… or sending boring “small-talk messages” in general.

It’s your job to make her feel the emotions that are going to create attraction and desire for you.

She doesn’t want to hear boring small talk or victim-minded complaints.

To begin with while you’re still establishing attraction and working to get her invested in you, keep things upbeat , positive and fun.

Act as if you’re having the most fun in your life you could possibly having while texting her.

Give her emotions she WANTS to experience again and again and she’ll associate YOU with those emotions (very powerful)…

… and this is what will allow you to stand out from all the other hitting her up.

… and ultimately what will make her want YOU.

How To Text Girls 101 – Rule #3: Short & Flirty Texts Only

Most guys try to get to know the girl on a deep level over text message… they think that it’s what’s going to allow her to feel comfortable with them.

So they send her essays about their life and wonder why she’s not into it…

Here’s why:

You’re job when texting a girl is NOT to establish comfort and familiarity (do that in person).

Your job when texting a girl is to simply get her feeling the emotions that will make her want to meet up with you.

That’s IT.

It doesn’t have to be complicated…

Tease her.

Say funny things.

Keep the overall vibe flirty and light.

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Keep that Teasing and Banter cheat sheet handy when texting girls to ensure that your vibe is always fun.

How To Text Girls 101 – Rule #4: Send Texts That Get Her Thinking About You

I want you to think about it the last time you REALLY fell hard for a girl…

… you were probably thinking about her almost 24/7, right?

Fantasizing about your future together…

Looking at her pictures on social media more than you’d care to admit…

Over-analyzing every small thing she did or said…

If you were to think back, you would probably agree that your desire and attraction for her was built primarily when the two of you WEREN’T together…

Well the exact same thing happens with girls.

One of the biggest lessons you can ever learn about attraction is this:

The more a girl thinks about you, the more she will convince herself that she likes you.

Use this to your advantage and send her texts out of the blue that get her thinking about you.

Most guys think that if they send a text, it means they need to commit to a conversation.

NOT the case.

Simply send her a fun text (use this Teasing and Banter Cheat Sheet  I mentioned earlier for ideas) and then DON’T reply when she responds.

This’ll give her a positive association to you – but then will make her feel like she can’t control you and wonder why you didn’t respond back… which will make her think about you, and ultimately chase you even more.

How To Text Girls 101 – Rule #5: Never Be The One To Text Her Last

This is a good general rule of thumb (meaning it’s not set in stone), to use when you’ve just met a new girl and you’re establishing attraction…

Always make sure you’re NOT the one to text her last and have your texts ignored.

Instead don’t be afraid to cut the conversation off for that day by YOU being to not respond.

This seems counterintuitive – but it will drive her crazy and will cause her to try even harder to figure you out.


The more a girl thinks about you, the more she will convince herself that she likes you.

That’s it for my 5 rules of texting girls…

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Take that and go crush it,

Blake Twain

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