Questions To Ask A Girl You Like Over Text – How To Make Her Want YOU

QUESTION: “I really like this one girl but I often find myself running out of things to say when I text her. What are some good questions to ask a girl you like over text?”

questions to ask a girl you like over textHere’s a question that came in from Zack that I want to address today.

This is VERY common problem for guys… to feel like they don’t know what to say in a text and sit there staring at the blinking cursor on their phone as they try to craft the perfect message to this girl.

Questions To Ask A Girl You Like Over Text – Make Her Want YOU


Hey Zack, thanks for the question bud.

Okay, so I could give you a list of questions that you could use when texting her so that you’d always have something to say to her.

But what you really NEED is to stop and rethink your current approach.

Because if you’re worried about what to say to this girl, it means you’re coming from the paradigm of trying to impress her.

You’re trying to say the things that you think she’ll like in order to win her approval, and ultimately make her want you.

Well, the fact that you think YOU are the one who has to impress HER means that SHE is the one holding the power in the relationship.

She knows she has you, and as a result she literally cannot physiologically feel attracted to you in any serious way. Because women are simply not wired like that.

Instead of figuring out the “right questions to ask her”, what you need to do is demonstrate the behaviors that trigger attraction and desire in her.

That is what will really enable you to get this girl chasing after YOU.

In short: Stop worrying about impressing her, and start focussing on creating attraction.

Do that, and you’re well on your way to getting this girl.

Good luck mate.


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