Texts To Send a Girl You Like That Will Get You IGNORED (Avoid These Texting Mistakes)

texts to send a girlFeel like your texts are always being ignored?

Don’t worry, virtually all guys will struggle with this problem at some point in their lives.

And the truth is that it often comes down to a few easily avoidable, yet extremely common mistakes that result in the girl rapidly losing attraction to the point where simply ignoring your texts is preferable to replying…

So to help you avoid these mistakes, here are 4 texts that when sent to a girl you like will almost ALWAYS get you ignored.

4 Texts To Send a Girl You Like That Will Get You IGNORED (Avoid These Texting Mistakes)


1. Boring Small Talk

This seems to be the “go-to” text for 99.9% of guys when texting a girl they like… and it’s a BIG attraction killer for most women.

What I’m talking about here are the “default texts” that a guy will send to a girl as a blatant attempt to keep the conversation going for the obvious (and harmful) reason that he likes her enough that he just wants to talk to her without any purpose, with the hopes that she’ll start to develop similar feelings for him the more they communicate…

You know the texts:

Soooo, what are you up to?

How has your day been?

How was work?

Blah blah blah.

All these texts do is bore the girl most of the time, which leads her to associate these feelings of boredom with YOU.

Don’t do it.

Instead, you need to be sending texts that elicit an emotional response from her in some way.


2. Texts With No “Hook”

These are texts that have no compelling reason for the girl to respond – and are born out of laziness for the most part.


“I’m at work and I’m so bored lol”.

These texts are boring and put the responsibility of keeping the conversation going on the girl.

There’s no emotional reason for her to respond to this message.

No “hook”…

… and if she’s not fully into you yet, she’s NOT going to work to keep a boring conversation going. She’s just going to ignore you.

And when a girl ignores your texts, she then subconsciously associates you as a guy who’s text messages she ignores… making it all the more likely that it’ll happen again in the future.

Always make it as easy as possible for the girl to reply (see example texts here), so that she doesn’t have to invest effort in keeping the conversation going.

Questions can be a good way to do this when in doubt.

But ideally, your texts should be light, fun and flirty enough that they will carry the conversation on naturally.


3. The “Essay” Text

This boils down to an over-investment on the part of the guy here.

And results in an obvious display of neediness and attachment to getting the girls validation (which is a very BIG turn off for the girl).

These are the texts a guy will send to her that multiple times longer and more involved than the girl is coming back with.

For example, you’re sending her paragraphs and she’s only responding with one sentence (or worse) one-word answers.

Again, this conveys neediness and will turn her off very quickly.

ALWAYS keep the investment into the conversation equal at the very least…

… and ideally, she’s the one sending the longer, more involved texts to you.


4. Being The ‘Instant Reply” Guy

While this isn’t a specific text message that gets sent and is more related to timing, it’s still a HUGE texting mistake that so many guys make that it’s worth mentioning.

See, most guys become so excited about texting a girl they like that they voluntarily paint themselves as desperate by the simple fact that they ALWAYS reply right away to the girl’s text messages.

While on the surface this seems harmless enough, this communicates that he’s desperate enough to make texting her a priority in his life (despite the fact he barely knows her)…

… and this is an undeniable signal that the guy has a scarcity of women in his life, which is very low value.


Because if the guy is able to reply to a girl’s texts within minutes, it shows that he probably doesn’t have a lot going on in his life, especially with other women.

And a girl will immediately classify a single guy as low value if it becomes apparent that he doesn’t have interest from other high-quality women in his life…

So, by being the guy to always hit her texts back right away is a behavior that makes this apparent VERY quickly.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to have hoards of girls chasing after you before you’ll see success with women…

…but try to at least give off the PERCEPTION that you’ve got things going on in your life (and other women) and that texting any one girl is never a high priority for you.

This’ll help you appear as in-demand and unpredictable, and will make you much more desirable to the girl.

For humans, perception = reality.

Create the perception of high value, and her emotions will follow.

Make sure to avoid these mistakes next time you’re texting a girl you like… and you’ll notice a big improvement in the way she responds to you.

All the best,

Blake Twain


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