The SECRET To Becoming More Than Friends With That One Girl You Really Want

Are you in the “friend zone” with a girl but want to become more than friends? Discover this little-known secret to escaping the friend zone and making this girl your girlfriend.

becoming more than friendsSo you’re good friends with this one girl, and you think about making a move constantly but don’t know how to tell her you want to be more than friends without risking rejection and embarrassment.

You’re about to discover the secret to becoming more than friends with a girl you’re currently close to (but not in a romantic way), so that you can easily make her your girlfriend and avoid rejection.

The SECRET To Becoming More Than Friends With That Girl

Your Current “Relationship Dynamic”

First, what you need to understand is that in the current relationship with this girl, there is an established “dynamic” that the two of you have…

This dynamic is essentially the “unwritten rules” of behavior between the two of you… it’s the way you expect each other to behave.

And if you’re “just friends” right now, you’ve simply established a “just friends” dynamic.

Make sense?

Here’s some examples of common “just friends” dynamics:

– You’re the guy she vents to about the problems she’s having with all the “asshole” guys in her life.

– She asks you for favors and you ALWAYS comply without asking for anything in return (you’re her taxi, shopping buddy etc).

– You always reply to her texts within minutes and are the one who makes an effort to keep the conversation going

Most guys spend their entire lives in relationships like these ^^, because they honestly believe that becoming a better “friend” will eventually lead to becoming a boyfriend (BIG MISTAKE!!!).

And that belief is responsible for millions of guys who find themselves “stuck in the friend zone” around the world.


Because as long as you go along with this “friend zone” frame, the more it is strengthened and solidified over time.

And being a better friend to a girl you’re into leads to simply that, being a better FRIEND.

It’s not about “advancing” from friend to boyfriend, that’s not how it works.

In order for you to become MORE than friends, you need to go to work on establishing a NEW relationship dynamic (and destroying the current “friend zone” dynamic).

Now while most guys have NO IDEA how to do this, the truth is that when you know how to do this, it’s actually quite simple.

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