5 Things To Text A Girl To Get Her Attention

things to text a girlHave you been texting a girl and struggling to get a reply?

I see so many guys struggling endlessly with getting a girls attention through text…

…and often times it’s one of a few very simple mistakes that’s causing them a LOT of headaches.

If you’re struggling to get a girls attention over text, try sending one of the following five texts to get her attention and spark attraction.

5 Things To Text A Girl To Get Her Attention:

Note: I’ve created these texting examples from the 5 rules of texting outlined in a previous article. Click here to read that article to discover WHY these texts work and the underlying psychology behind them.

Let’s get started…

1. The “Unpredictable” Text

As per texting rule #1, you want the girl to feel as though you’re unpredictable and hard to control/understand.

This will keep her interested in you.

While this can be conveyed by varying your response time, you can also do this easily enough by injecting some ambiguity and randomness into your texts.

For example:

“Red or Black? Quick!!!”

Send a girl this out of the blue, and she’s almost guaranteed to respond.

This will act as a “pattern interrupt”, instantly grabbing her attention.

She’s so used to every other guy sending her the boring “hey what’s up?” and “how is your day going?” texts that this will stand out.

This is a great way to start texting a girl you haven’t talked to for a few days/weeks.

2. The “Good Vibes” Text.

This text is fine as a stand-alone text (meaning you don’t have to keep the conversation going).

It’ll help her form a positive association towards you.

The purpose is this text is to:

1. Convey that you and your world is FUN and exciting.

2. Convey non-neediness and that you don’t need anything from her.

Here’s the text:

“I just created the most awesome serving of bacon and eggs that mankind will ever witness, be jealous! Lol, hope your day’s going as good as mine.”

Side note: You don’t have to copy that word for word. Use your own adjectives/slang and morph it to be congruent with your personality.

3. The “Short and Flirty” Text

This is all about fun and flirting.

You get extra points here if you can slip in some unpredictability/uncertainty into the message…

The Text:

“I just saw a psychic and she said I’m going to have an illegitimate child with a blonde girl called Sarah. And hey, I’m not one to fight fate…

(Obviously use HER name and hair color here)

This one is a bit edgy but goes well with my personality style… I have a darker sense of humor and this conveys my tendency to push social boundaries.

Remember, if it’s not something you’d typically say in person, don’t say it over text.

Be congruent.

Also, from reading that message it’s not quite clear how serious I’m being (I’m becoming more ambiguous and unpredictable)…

Did I just make the whole thing up for a laugh?

Did I actually go to a psychic and this is what she really said?

Or am I taking this dead serious..?

This ambiguity is good because the girl isn’t quite sure where she stands with you, and you’re more focused on your own reality than worrying about her opinion of you and “winning her”.

This’ll get her thinking about you, and her response will almost always be easy to mess with and get her reacting to you.

For example:

“Lol I’m NOT actually serious, just wanted to see if you had a sense of humor… you failed ;)”

4. The “Get Her Thinking About You” Text

Attraction 101: The more a girl thinks about you, the more she will convince herself that she likes you.

The point of this text is simply to utilize this rule of attraction and get her thinking about you.

Send this out of the blue:

“You wouldn’t believe what I just saw. Reminded me of you lol…”

If you REALLY want to get her thinking about you, send this text then DON’T reply to her response.

This’ll get her cycling through these thoughts all day:

What the hell reminded him of me?

Was it bad?

…I wish he would just tell me.”

And she’ll almost certainly be checking her phone regularly to see if you replied…

Give it a try, thank me later ;). 

5. The “Day After” Text

A big things guys struggle with is knowing what to say after they meet a girl for the first time.

First off, drop the boring “nice to meet you text”.

Instead, focus on a fun and flirty vibe instead.

Also good if you can tie back the time you spent together into the text too.

Try this:

“You know what, I’m a little worried. After last night we probably owe big debt to karma, no thanks to you haha… – Blake”

Again, try rephrasing this to be congruent with your personality if this doesn’t sound like you (and use YOUR name).

Or just copy and paste if you’re feeling’ lazy, you have my permission!

Take those texts and ideas and run with them… and be sure to report back your results in the comments below!

All the best,

Blake Twain


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