What To Text A Girl You Just Met To Make Her Want You

Just met a new girl and not sure what to text her? Discover the BEST way to start off a text conversation with her so that she wants to see you again.

what to text a girl you just metYou’ve just met a new girl and got her number, but you’re a bit nervous about texting her and you don’t know what to say.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when texting a girl you just met, here’s what to do to ensure that you keep moving things forward with the girl and that she ends up wanting you.

What To Text A Girl You Just Met To Make Her Want You

1. Make sure you had a good initial interaction

There’s no point texting her if your initial interaction went poorly, because if it did, odds are is that she just gave you her number as a polite way to get rid of you.

The most important thing to note here is that texting a girl is all about building on the initial interaction, so if your first interaction went poorly, she’s just not going to be into it and you’re going to have a really hard time even getting her to reply.

2. Make sure she has YOUR number

This is another pre-requisite that makes things a whole lot easier, but making sure that she also has YOUR number will ensure that you avoid the “who is this?” response from her.

A good way to do this is when you get her number, call it, swipe her phone from her and save your name as something a little obnoxious and flirty such as “hot guy from bar I want to bang” or “future husband” etc.

Besides ensuring that she now has your number, this is also a fun way to flirt with her… as well as demonstrating to her you’re not afraid to take the lead and call the shots.

Keep it playful and cheeky, and this is a VERY powerful way to get her excited about hearing from you.

3. Text her callback humor.

Callback humor is simply referencing something you spoke about during the interaction. Ideally you want it to be something that she really thought was funny, or some kind of flirty joke the two of you had.

Just keep it light and flirty and use the initial interaction to get things going over text.

Do this and she’ll be much more likely to text you back, as it’ll help to remind her of the emotions you first had during the initial interaction.

4. Send a funny meme/picture

If you’re scrolling through Facebook and see something that makes you laugh and you think that she’ll appreciate it too, send it to her.

Another powerful way to do this is to use an image that relates to something from your initial interaction (combine this with callback humor).

If she appreciates it, it’ll spike her emotions and train her to look forward to your texts.

How To Not Mess Things Up Over Text

Knowing what to text a girl you just met is all about drawing from a positive interaction, and then spiking her emotions with some playful/light hearted humor.

This is all pretty simple to do, however the biggest reasons guys completely screw up when they text is a girl is because they make easily avoidable mistakes that INSTANTLY turn a girl off.

Knowing how to text a girl has a lot to do with knowing what NOT to do so you don’t mess things up.

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Once you eliminate these mistakes from your text conversation, then it’s simply about building on the attraction you’ve already established when you met to get her to meet up again (which is actually quite simple).

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