What To Text A Girl You Like (Examples & Step by Step Guide)

what to text a girl you like examplesIs there a girl you really like but you’re not sure what to text her?

You might even sit there staring at your screen, writing and re-writing text messages… confused as to what to text her that will help you to get her interested in you.

If this is you, keep reading to discover 4 proven text messages you can “swipe” and send to that girl you like for 4 different situations:

1. The first text after you meet.

2. When you want to make her laugh

3. When you want to ask her out.

4. When you want to get her attention and get her thinking about you.

What To Text A Girl You Like (Step by Step Guide with Examples):


Step 1: The First Text

This text is a good first text to send a girl after you’ve met out at a bar or club, and she was a somewhat wild girl.

The text is short, sharp, fun and flirty… and is a great first text to send a girl that positions yourself as a cool, non-needy guy (very important).

Here it is:

“Hey missy, when you get bailed out of jail… hit me up.”

If she was drunk or you didn’t give her your number too it may pay to add your name to the end of the text just to it’s clear who you are.

But this text is a good way to kick things off and end up getting her out on a date with you.

Step 2: Make Her Laugh

This text is a classic that I use very regularly.

It always works well when sent during the day to a girl you’ve just met.

The text:

“Bored at work, would much rather be hunting Voldemorts Horcruxes with you…”

The great thing about this text is that you can pretty much always transition this into getting the girl to come to your house for a “Harry Potter marathon”.

If she doesn’t know what you mean, tease her about not being a Harry Potter fan and that you’re going to “show her the ropes”.

And if she DOES get it and is into Harry Potter, then you can easily setup a nostalgic Harry Potter marathon with her.

Either way, this text will get her laughing while making it easy to end up alone with her, in front of the TV.

Remember, always have an end goal when texting a girl, even when using these texts.

Step 3: Ask Her Out

Sometimes you just need to keep it simple.

Assuming you’ve done things right up to this point, the text below always does the job to get her out.

Here’s the text:

“You know what? You’re alright for a troublemaker. Let’s hang out tonight at Bells Bar on Sunset Drive. Meet at 9.”

Just make sure you’ve sent a few flirty texts first sparking her emotions before you drop this one and try to get her out.

And don’t forget to repurpose this text to suit your natural language if this isn’t quite “you”.

You can swap out “troublemaker” for any playful word that’s relevant to the girl and her personality type (e.g. nerd, slacker, smarty-pants etc).

The important part about sending this text is that you’re TELLING her where to meet up – rather than timidly asking her.

Women like men who lead.

So lead unapologetically and it’ll go a long way to her being attracted to you.

Step 4: Get Her Attention

This text is one of my favorites and I’ll use it often when I want to get a girl thinking about me.

Remember: The more a girl thinks about you when you’re not around… the more she will convince herself that she likes you.

This text is an almost evil way to get girls mind glued to you.

It’s kinda freaky just how well this text works lol.

Here’s the text:

“You wouldn’t believe what I just saw… reminded me of you lol.”

Send this text, and then DON’T reply to her response.

This will drive her crazy… and you’ll get follow-up texts begging for a response most of the time you send this one.

Use this if you want to get her out in the near future and want to get her thinking about you before hand.

I’ll typically do this if I want to get her out in a few days time.

Give it a shot.

Swipe these texts and make ‘em your own. You’ll find that they’ll make things a LOT easier for you when texting that girl you like.

All the best,

Blake Twain


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