What Women Find Attractive – 3 DEADLY Mistakes That Instantly Kill Attraction

Do the girls you fall for never seem to like you back? Discover these 3 mistakes that you’re probably making that are INSTANTLY destroying your chances…

what women find attractiveIf it feels like the girls you fall for never feel the same way, and you always get put “in the friend zone”…

Then chances are you’re making one of these mistakes that INSTANTLY kill attraction.

Discover the top 3 biggest attraction killers that most guys ignore completely (and FAIL endlessly because of it)…

What Women Find Attractive – 3 DEADLY Mistakes That Instantly Kill Attraction

Attraction Killer #1 – Expressing Your Feelings Too Soon

We’ve all been there, deciding that you’re just gonna “go for it” and tell that girl just how special she is and how much you care about her…

And we’ve all been there to receive the awkward “you’re so nice but I just want to be friends” speech that follows such a courage-fueled emotional outpouring.

You see, despite what the Hollywood movies will have you believe…

Once you become “easy” to her, she has no choice to INSTANTLY lose all attraction for you.

Because you’ve just become BORING to her… and if she’s bored with you she CANNOT feel attraction.

NEVER let her feel as though she “has you” completely.

If you do, you’ve lost. It’s over.

Attraction Killer #2 – Being Too “Agreeable”

Most guys think that in order to get a girl to like them they need to show her how much they have in common and how alike they are…

As if a girl wants a guy who thinks the EXACT same as her…

So they pretend to like everything she does and pander their opinion to fit what they think she wants to hear.

Make sense logically, but in reality this works AGAINST your best interests, and is another INSTANT attraction killer.

Once you’ve decided that this girl is “special” and you go into “good boy” mode, becoming nervous to even slightly risk offending or upsetting he girl, it’s GAME OVER.

In reality, girls respond WELL to drama. It’s addictive.

She wants it to be interesting.

She wants it to be challenging.

She wants things to be uncertain.

You don’t have to be offensive for the sake of it, but by being edgy and abrasive at times will get her HOOKED very quickly. (Learn more about getting her HOOKED here)

Don’t be afraid to piss her off a little, confuse her or call her out on something you think is stupid (this also demonstrates that you’re your own man, which is VERY attractive to women)….

Drama is a very potent force for building attraction and desire in a woman, use it.

Attraction Killer #3 – Trying Too Hard

Whoever tries the hardest in a relationship holds the least amount of power.

And if a girl realizes that she has the power, you instantly become boring to her and the friend zone is the inevitable result.

However, if a girl senses that she has little to NO power over you, it’ll drive her CRAZY and she has no choice but to chase after YOU.

Girls will constantly test you to see how much power they hold and if they can take it from you… and most guys fail these tests MISERABLY.

But if you can learn to identify and pass these tests, then you’re well ahead of 99.9% of guys and will quickly have more women than you can handle.

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Why Are These Mistakes So Common?what women find attractive - 3 mistakes

The reason why 99% of guys make these attraction killing mistakes is because they feel so natural.

Our instincts are telling us to do this, and because of this EVERY guy is doing the same thing.

Girls have seen this kind of behavior a million times before, she expects it and she is biologically wired (she has NO CHOICE) to NOT feel attraction to a guy who behaves in this way.

If you’ve been making these mistakes up until now that’s okay, we’ve all been there at some point.

As I said, what comes naturally doesn’t work… and no one was there to teach us this stuff growing up.

But you CAN change that.

If you want to stop being brushed aside and friend zoned by the girls you fall for…

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