What Women Want – 3 Things ALL Women Secretly Desire In A Man

Are you frustrated by trying to figure out what women want in a man? Discover these 3 hidden desires that all women are REALLY looking for in a man (HINT: It’s NOT what they say they want).

what women wantEver feel confused by the fact that women say they want one thing but then go and chase the guy who is the complete opposite? You’re about to learn 3 HIDDEN desires all women have but will never admit to… Learn to meet these hidden needs and women will have no choice but to feel a strong, irresistible attraction towards you.

What Women Want – 3 Things ALL Women Secretly Desire In A Man:

#1 – Women Want A Leader

Girls want a man they can relax and be themselves around, knowing that he is able to guide her and handle their environment.

A man who is a leader has a spine and isn’t afraid to call a girl out on her bullshit. He keeps her grounded and gives her an emotional “safe zone” in which she can relax, express herself and feel at ease (which is a deep physiological NEED for every feminine woman).

The best way to communicate that you’re capable of fulfilling this role for a woman is by being demonstrating that you’re not afraid to disagree with her and are unapologetically yourself around her.

Do this, and she’ll feel an irresistible urge to be around you… because there are very few guys who can actually do this well.

#2 – Women Want Earned Validation

This is a tricky one because while a girl wants to feel validated by a man, it has to come from a man who’s validation actually means something to her.

It’s not simply a matter of just dropping compliments at every chance you get, you first have to become a man who’s validation is worth a damn and she can see that you don’t just give it out for no reason (I.e. you’re not easy to impress).

Women will rarely admit this, but they want to feel that they’ve won something worth having.

Which leads me to point number three…

#3 – Women want to feel CHOSEN

A women wants to feel chosen by her man.

The problem is most guys will make a girl feel as though she’s above them and they’ll bend over backwards just to get a sniff of her hair… they spend their energy trying to impress her which stinks of desperation and drives her away instantly.

A woman wants to feel as though she’s in the presence of a WINNER and that he CHOSE her. She doesn’t want to be the one to “settle”.

She wants to be with a guy who she knows can get any woman he wants, but instead CHOSE her.

This is how you truly make a woman feel special, and if you learn to do this properly you’ll move into ABUNDANCE with women very quickly.

(Note: You don’t necessarily HAVE to be the guy who can get every woman, but you do need to be able to create the perception that this is the case. Do this and the girl will respond in the same way as if it were true. Perception is reality.)


All women have a select few deep EMOTIONAL needs (read: NOT logical) that they’ll do almost ANYTHING to have met… and if you can become a guy who understands these needs and is able to meet them, women will have no choice but be DRAWN to you like a magnet.

While most guys forever live in the reality where they believe it’s all about money, looks and success. A man who is TRULY successful with women understands that while those things can help make it a little easier, they are NOT the primary driving forces that cause a women to want you.

If you’re serious about getting this whole “women” thing handled for GOOD, then click here, this is your next step.

But you better hurry, because until you invest the time in really learning this stuff, you’ll always be second choice to the few guys who actually DO get how this stuff works.

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