When To Text A Girl – The TRUTH That Most Guys Ignore

So you’ve just got this new girls phone number and you’re not sure if you should wait, or if you should text her right away… Discover the truth about when to text a girl that most guys screw up completely.

when to text a girlSo you met this new girl, and things were going well in the interaction and you got her number.

Now you’re stuck wondering when the best time to text this girl is, as you don’t want to appear too needy (or that you’re not interested).

Discover the TRUTH about when to text a girl and why so many guys screw this part up and end up losing her.

When To Text A Girl – The TRUTH That Most Guys Ignore

So when is the right time to text a girl you just met?

Most guys think that waiting a certain amount of time to message a girl will increase their chances of getting her to respond positively.

The classic “3 day rule” is a perfect example of this.

But the truth is that when you learn the RIGHT ways to text a girl, meaning that you’re saying the right things and triggering the emotions that you want… the timing of the message is mostly irrelevant.

See, if you’re primary focus is on how long you should wait to text her, then you’re starting off with the completely wrong state of mind.

What’s important isn’t when you text her, but WHAT you to text her and the emotions you get her to feel.

Obviously you don’t want to text a girl too much to begin with and appear needy, but if your first message is solid you can see success sending it on the same night, or even right after you meet her.

What’s important is the CONTENT, not the TIMING.

Instead of worrying about when to text a girl, focus on learning what you should be saying in a text to build attraction and spike her emotions… and more importantly, what NOT to say so that you don’t screw things up.

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