Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend? – 3 “Easy-Fix” Mistakes That Keep You STUCK In The Friend Zone

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you just can’t get a girl to develop a romantic interest in you? Well you’re about to discover the 3 BIGGEST mistakes that a guy can make that turns ALL women off instantly and puts you in the friend zone.

why can’t i get a girlfriend?Maybe you’ve been meeting a few women lately, and no matter what you do or say you just CANNOT get her to develop a genuine romantic interest in you and want to pursue a relationship. You’re left sitting there asking yourself “seriously, why can’t I get a girlfriend?”, as every girl who enters your life responds to you with the same polite indifference and goes of chasing those “asshole” guys who treat her like crap.

Well I’m about to shed light on the REASON why you feel like you can’t get a girlfriend, and what to do about them to DRAMATICALLY improve your success with the women you meet (as well as the ones you already know).

Why Can’t I Get A Girlfriend? – 3 “Easy-Fix” Mistakes That Keep You STUCK In The Friend Zone:

Mistake #1 – Being Too Needy

If there’s one thing ALL women hate, it’s neediness.

This is one of the most potent attraction killers of all time, and as soon as a girl gets even the slightest whiff that you’re needy, her emotions will instantly repel her from you and you’ll be given a one way ticket to the friend zone.

If you’ve ever found yourself doing things like texting her all the time, buying her lots of drinks to win her over, getting jealous or worried when she talks to another guy… then she’s already mentally labeled you as “needy and desperate” and will not develop the slightest bit of interest in you (unless you learn how to reverse the damage).

Mistake #2 – Having Boring “Dry” Conversations

When in conversation with a woman most guys will default to boring small talk in an effort to keep to interaction going…

The typical “where are you from? what do you do?” dance is one of the most BORING things to a woman (unless you know how to sexualize small talk), and women absolutely HATE being bored, especially by men.

Women want a man who will keep them engaged and will take them along for an emotional “ride”, so to speak.

They will NOT tolerate boring chit-chat for much time at all, and even if they do stick around out of politeness, they will be becoming less and less attracted to you by the second.

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Mistake #3 – Not Having A Spine

Women are NOT attracted to a pushover. NEVER.

Women want a strong man that can lead them so they can relax and be themselves.

And weak guys who don’t have boundaries only end up as an errand boy, get sent straight to the friend zone and typically stay there for good.

Doing favors doesn’t CREATE ATTRACTION. And besides the perks of getting pampered, women subconsciously DESPIRE a weak man who is willing to be their doormat.

Women WILL test you to so that they can decide what kind of a man you are.

So have a spine, stand up for yourself and don’t give into demands you feel are unreasonable…


If you’ve been struggling to get a girl to want to become your girlfriend, it’s NOT your fault.

Even knowing what we’ve covered here puts you ahead of 99% of guys who are walking around failing blindly for their entire lives.

Knowing this attraction stuff doesn’t come naturally to pretty much all guys, and our natural instincts often end up HURTING us even more than helping…

The good news is that now you’re aware of what you’ve been doing wrong, you can start to work on a NEW approach to getting that girl you really want and making her your girlfriend.

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