Why Don’t Girls Like Me? 3 “Easy-Fix” Reasons Girls Aren’t Into You

Do you feel like no matter what you do, the girls you fall hard for always seem to put you in the friend zone? Discover 3 of the most common, yet easily corrected reasons that she’s not into you.

why dont girls like meNo matter what you seem to do or say, when it comes to the girls you REALLY want, they always seem to put you in the friend zone and not want anything to do with you.

The truth is you’re probably making some of the most common mistakes that instantly KILL attraction, read on to discover what they are and how to fix them so you can start getting the girls you REALLY want.

Why Don’t Girls Like Me? 3 “Easy-Fix” Reasons Girls Aren’t Into You

1. Too Needy

As soon as they meet a new girl, most guys will shoot themselves in the foot right away by overt displays of neediness.

They come on too strong and show her that they care too much, too quickly.

As soon as she figures out that she’s got you and she can have you whenever she wants, it’s GAME OVER.

Neediness is about as attractive as dog shit to women, as soon as she gets the slightest whiff she’ll turn around and walk away.

Foing things like ALWAYS texting her asking her what she’s up to…

…and NEVER being the one to end the conversation first reeks of neediness and will send her running INSTANTLY.

The easiest cure for this is to get busy with something else in your life so that any one girl doesn’t seem as important (see point number 3), and your behavior will naturally come off as non-needy.

2. Uncertainty

Not being certain about your decisions, opinions and the way you go about your life is another potent attraction killer.

Certainty is a very masculine trait, and by displaying certainty and decisiveness you will trigger instant attraction. Plus she’ll also be start to feel safe in your presence very quickly (which is very important for a woman).

If you struggle with uncertainty the easiest fix is to simply start being unapologetically selfish and do the things YOU want to do, and bring her along for the ride

The key to this is to focus on authentically expressing yourself and your values, without pandering yourself to do what you think SHE wants (she’ll resent that).

As tacky as it sounds, just be you and stop trying to be the guy you think she wants and she’ll want to become a part of your life.

3. No Drive

As soon as she realizes that you’re not actively doing things with your life that challenge and excites you, she’s going to feel very turned off.

Drive and ambition are also very masculine traits that feminine women find extremely attractive.

So if you’re working a job you hate and always bitch about it, but spend all your free time watching TV and eating junk food, she’s going to resent it and start looking around.

A woman wants to be able to “come along for the ride” with her man… she despises a guy who is sitting around going no where.

NOTE: this isn’t about HOW successful you are, what’s important is that you are actively stepping up and are making an effort to achieve your dreams and live live on YOUR terms, whatever that means for you.


She wants a guy who is moving forward.

She wants a guy who’s in MOTION.


If you’ve fallen victim to the above mistakes, it’s OKAY.

Almost every guy does at some point in his life, what’s important is making the decision to correct them and get this stuff handled from now on.

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